Navy Blue Smokey Eye Makeup from Lisa Eldridge!

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Navy Blue Smokey Eye Makeup from Lisa Eldridge!

Lisa Eldridge is a renowned makeup artist by a writer and profession. She has teamed with numerous cosmetic manufacturers and covered several style related events. She is global manager of Lancome. She is. Her clientele consists of famous celebrities including Kate Winslet, Cara Delevingne, Katy Perry, Emma Watson, Jennifer Lopez, Eva Green and even more.

Now we will share a tutorial from Lisa Eldridge about Navy Blue smokey eye cosmetics. Usually, we have the black and gray in regards to smokey eye makeup however trying out different colours can be fun, particularly in the event you try bold colours like navy blue, bright green, royal maroon etc.. I am going to brag a lot about navy blue since it’s my favorite most color!!

The very best part about Lisa Eldridge tutorial will be the fact that it’s for those girls who have hooded eyes. They don’t have enough space in their eye socket to work together with their eye shadow. This is one real issue, however you do not need to worry anymore because Lisa explains in her tutorial how to handle with such a issue!

Here’s a inspiration pic for a Icy blue Smokey eyes adding just a tiny metallic or silver white into the middle of the lids. This changes the whole look and provides such a cool vibes into the look.

I am going to mention that the cosmetics products which Lisa uses inside her tutorial but you can go to your cosmetics products if you do not have the ones that I mention in this tutorial.

Navy Blue Smokey Eye Makeup from Lisa Eldridge

  1. Lisa starts by applying Nars-Pro prime Smudge proof Eye shadow base. This really is an primer and it promotes the adherence of eye shadow into the eyelid.
  2. Now use a eye shadow protector to keep the fallout falling in your cheeks and then ruining your foundation.
  3. The next step is to use Dior-5 colours eye shadow, with eye shadow! I am sure you are using the navy blue color in an up and outward style. Keep until you see 1 mm of navy blue eyeshadow above your crease blending.
  4. By making use of exactly the same brush smudge some of this eye shadow on your lower eyelid. This adds drama. Be sure to keep it thin and neat.
  5. Using BAD gal watertight liner by Benefit, use thin liner onto your upper and lower eyelid. It should be very near the lash line. Also, line your reduced waterline. Do not provide it an arch, it needs to be plain.
  6. The next thing to do is to utilize a darker color of navy and charcoal shade by The Body Shop in the outer corner of your eye. Move the blending brush outwards and up to create an oval form. This also gives the eye a darker tinge about the outside corners.
  7. Employing a lighter blue color, begin blending it into the outer edge of their shadows. This can soften the look and mix it also. There will not be any sudden changes in eye shadow shade using this technique. Use this color from the palette of Your Body Shop eye shade.
  8. Take exactly the exact same brush and then apply a little eye shadow in your lower lid only under the darker navy shade. This is going to soften your whole look.
  9. Employ a silver color from the Dior 5 colours eye shadow palette, in your inner corners of the eyes. This will assist in accentuating the shape of your attention.
  10. Utilize a Chanel eyelash curler to curl your lashes. This lifts your eyes and leaves them more spacious and appealing.
  11. The last step would be to add just a tiny mascara to your eyelashes. You can utilize Max Factor false lash effect mascara or you’ll be able to opt for false lashes. Both the ways you are going to end up looking hot!
  12. Remember to give few touches to your own eyebrows together with an eyebrow brush. Ensure to fill out the empty spaces using a lighter shade in contrast to your hair color.
  13. To eliminate any fallout under your eyes, then use a Lasting Perfection Concealer from Collection 2000. Stroke it at a vertical path.

You’re finished with the makeup look. So, this is the way you’re able to achieve   Navy Blue Smokey Eye Makeup from Lisa Eldridge! Navy blue color smokey eyes would look best on girls with brown eye color!

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I hope you try this tutorial and see it for yourself whether it suits you or not!

Writer — Jennifer who writes for BethBenderBeauty Blog 

PS: I do not claim the ownership of pictures used here.

Have you ever tried Blue Smokey eye makeup look? Which is your favourite color for smokey eye makeup?