Beauty Vlogger Teni Panosian’s Full Makeup

“In school, I did something called dancing manufacturing, and that I often could have a big gap between the amounts that I used in. I’d do those crazy, complicated liner looks on myself because I still had a lot time. And then folks would come back and be like, ‘That isn’t Cirque de Soleil, what do you think you’re doing?’ I was never a makeup artist, but I’ve drawn and painted my whole life, so I feel this was when I realized I really could use makeup as a art form as well. I’ve been performing my blog for seven decades, and I’ve had my YouTube station for five.

I think the people who consistently arrive back to my station come back since I make things easy. However, I prefer to experiment, too–just like right now I’m mixing a cream plus a liquid highlighter to make my own [base]. However, I try to do the makeup of the woman. I used to put as much pressure on myself to get out one movie each week, but I’m in this darkened area where I’m like, let’s just concentrate on good work. I edit all of my own videos. I have folks help me along with other things, but I’ll always do this myself.

I change my skincare regimen daily. If I’m focusing more on hydration, I’ll utilize the Guidance to Glow Copper Complex Peptide, that is hyaluronic acid. It’s a serum which absorbs directly into skin. I’ll usually follow a little heavier moisturizer. That’s generally in the winter months if my skin is much drier. I also use this lotion that’s formulated by plastic surgeons and dermatologists for people that suffer from eczema. It’s called the Reconstructive Lotion by Hymed. It’s very medical kind of material. The packaging is not cute in any respect, it’s very sterile. Nonetheless, it’s a great rich moisturizer I utilize in winter when my skin is really dry. In summer time it would irritate my pores. If it’s summer, I would only go with the PCA Hyaluronic Acid Serum– two serums instead of a serum and a cream. You merely have to listen to your own skin for whatever it wants. I also utilize the Active Serum by IS Clinical–” I don’t know what the active ingredient in it’s, I only know it’s magic. I went to Shani Darden in LA, and she was like, ‘You want this.’ It’s a life-changer–she had been right. It’s a serum, however, it’s very watery. I set it on and I see I get way fewer mistakes and improvements in texture, and only an overall glow for my own skin. I also utilize retinol goods, that I believe are critical to any skin care regimen. I love [Shani’s] retinol, the Sunday Riley Luna Oil, also Guidance to Riley’s Retinol Radiance. Shani’s is extremely great. Hydration, retinol. . .if you do nothing else, those are crucial for skin care.

My skin is on the flip side, so that I enjoy sheet masks. Dr. Jart makes a hydrating mask. And Murad includes a great two-step sheet mask. It includes an exfoliating swab, and another one is superb bleach. I enjoy hydrating masks because it helps your makeup appear smoother. Particularly if you’re opting for something minimal, then you certainly want something that’s likely to leave your own skin in the best shape possible. I also would like to be makeup optional constantly. That’s my aim, to keep my own skin in the shape where when I feel like it, so I really do put on makeup, and when I don’t feel like it, I still won’t. It’s a very powerful feeling actually, instead of being a slave to your cosmetics. It’s a timesaver too!

I really like primers. Laura Mercier Hydrating Primer Is Very Good, the Makeup Forever Nourishing Primer is really Great. Smashbox makes a priming oil that’s really great. I feel as the one that I use the best is the Makeup Forever. It’s really mild. Using makeup, I do a lot of blending with my fingers–they are my best tool. Laura Mercier includes this Flawless Fusion Ultra-Longwear Foundation I enjoy. It’s not super full policy, but it’s enough for someone like me, in which I could still feel as though it still covers everything. Tarte Shape Tape along with Too Faced Born This Way are really Great concealers. I enjoy a concealer to not be thick. Yes, cover well, but be just like you’re not in my head. Sometimes, concealers are really thick and opaque and should you put a lot it gets cakey. These do a good job of appearing very natural and covering nicely. I only kind of use a few in the middle of my head to brighten and conceal. I feel as less is more, because it’s better for the skin. I also adore this brush by Shiseido. It arrived with one of the brand new foundations, and that I enjoy it because it’s small enough to work with for both my base and my concealer. Subsequently the Laura Mercier Matte Radiance Baked Powder Bronzer is one of the favorites right now. Sometimes bronzers are not opaque enough, they don’t give off sufficient color, but that one is really excellent. A great brush is Hourglass’ No. two. It’s fine and soft, and it’s terrific to get bronzer. Earlier today I did a beauty attribute where I was displaying my favorite products for the fall and I needed to demo them. One of them had been a face tanning towelette–it’s by Tarte, and it’s generally my favorite, but I only set it on and that I forget to take off it. So I’m tan as fuck right now. Whoops! Just a tiny healthy, warm glow. [Laughs]

Most days I won’t wear eyeliner in any respect, but when I want to add something, I’ll line in the top lash line, and only smudge out it. Doing this makes so much of a difference. It looks like you did a great deal, but you really did not. Next, I’ll smoke the eye a little. I think that it’s important to consider in mind your eye shape. If you have hooded eyes, you’re not likely to do a really extreme smokey eye or drag this up really large. Or, when you have really round eyes, you’re not likely to attract most of the darkness into the middle, because that’s likely to make your eyes appear closer together. You’ll want to concentrate all it upon the outer corners to lift and separate the eyes. Do a smokey eye that compliments, instead of a generic [template] smokey eye, since there’s no actual one way to do it. I only do it with my palms, but a few folks do six measures to get a smokey eye. That’s entirely up to personal preference. I utilize this Laura Mercier’s Caviar Stick, however also the matte model, in Caramel. It’s the ideal matte, nude color. I use that using liner–I go in using a line and out it. The liner is by Jouer. It’s their . Just those two together, and you may make an amazing smokey eye — only a black and nude. I enjoy shimmer, however should I utilize shimmer, I likely wouldn’t’ use a liner. Shimmer already controls so much care.

My favorite gloss in the moment is Maybelline–. I had been begging them to get a great nude that only looks like coffee with a lot of creamer in it. Nudes have a lot of pink in them, also that I only enjoy a nice, authentic naked, so that’s why this one’s good. If I’m likely to do a red lip, I’m most likely not likely to do something about the remainder of my head since that attracts most of the attention and you don’t need your eyes fighting with your own face. I would probably put on mascara and keep a glow-y confront, and have that red really stand out. It all depends on my mood at the moment. I really do like matte lips, however maybe not as much as gloss. Gloss is significantly sexier and I feel as though it’s more me. A good deal of people choose the matte gloss, and it’s beautiful. Using gloss, you really do have to reapply it more because it’s slicker and wears off as you consume and whatever else, but that I don’t mind. I just feel better having a shiny lip.

I’ve got this picture in my fridge out from when I was twenty five years old, and that I had been considering it and realized, ‘I want to find those brows back’ I really do my very brows myself. I enjoy them a very unique manner. I tweeze or sometimes I’ll wax since I’ve really thick, full brows. At the moment I’m using the Gimme Brow by Benefit. It only kind of sets my brows. I enjoy using eyebrow products which have a spoolie to assist fill in, instead of working with a eyebrow pencil then going in with a brow merchandise. If you fill in your brows, you wish to earn those tiny hash marks which appear like hairs, perhaps not as long lines. Then I’m going to go in with a few Colossal Spider Effect Mascara by Maybelline–that is my favorite by them. It has a very distinctive skill set. It kind of leaves the lashes look piece-y, kind of edgy. It works great to get a cluttered smokey eye.

I hardly ever wear blush because I feel as it combats the remaining part of the look. Nevertheless, I’m doing something a little more minimalist–barely anything around the eyes along with a light gloss on the lips –then yeah, I’ll really do this, because fairly flushed pink look seems really nice. I think that it would look ridiculous with a smokey or lined eye. Sometimes, I simply take the bronzer and drag it a little farther up towards the apples of the lips instead of the hollows, to give that natural look.

You know what is funny? I went into the Givaudan odor house in France last year, and each odor you have ever worn is likely made there. The lady who works there had a knack for telling each individual which odor they were. I’m thinking she is going to recommend me something quite floral and refreshing because I fancy myself ingĂ©nue, and she goes ‘I’m going to supply you with Tom Ford’s Black Orchid because you’re very sexy and enchanting.’ In the beginning, I scrapped it, today, I love it. She was right! That’s my go-to. If I’m going to find a man, I’ll wear it. Otherwise, I’ll wear Dolce & Gabbana’s Light Blue. That’s an all-time favored.”

–as told to ITG

Teni Penosian photographed by Tom Newton on August 29, 2017.