Beauty Bay Haul — Cruelty Free Makeup!

BH Cosmetics Cremè Luxe Lipstick, LA Girl Foundation, Concealer and Corrector, Dose of colors lipgloss, Jordana blush and powder.

Hiya my lovelies! Easter Monday joyful, and I hope you have had a weekend with loved ones, friends and family. We had our egg hunt today, what a time we had, and as it had been my nephews birthday yesterday. It was for up us after the play last 15, exactly what we needed.

So here we are, as guaranteed that my Beauty Bay goodies for you to have a looksy. I was quite happy to get some of the brands that were free out of my wish list, although I haven’t purchased anything for quite a while. It was a great surprise to discover that now, when you order ahead of 10:00pm, they really send your order out the following moment. I believe since I am so horrified after I have ordered my products that is fantastic! This could be ideal for you 14, if you are as impatient as me! Plus for those who spend over #40.00, then another day delivery is completely free.

My order arrived packed into a box, together with tons of bubble wrap. Everything in there made it’s way with no troubles for me and was ideal.

LA Girl Guru Coverage Illuminating Foundation Porcelain, Concealer Porcelain and Peach Corrector.

I have heard such incredible things about LAGirl it certainly had to be the first brand I got my hands on. Although you can not buy them in the united kingdom here to the highstreet, their pricepoint is drugstore, so that’s great news for my handbag!

LA Girl Guru Coverage HD Illuminating Foundation.

The Guru Coverage HD Illuminating Foundation (Number10.99) is the entire reason I wanted to try out LA Girl in the first place. As it’s not cruelty free, I illuminating foundation. On program, swatch and first appearance she appears to be a similar impact, but with coverage that is greater! This is undoubtedly a fantastic thing in case the wear time is good.

LA Girl Guru Coverage Illuminating Foundation.

You can see from the swatch, which we’re getting a really good quantity of coverage. The pigmentation has illuminating properties that are excellent, and retains when you blend out. I read a review of the other day saying I find it even more illuminating, although it had been matte rather than drying.

LA Girp Guru Conceal Porcelain.

Here we’ve got the LA Girl Guru Conceal (Number5.00 each) corrector and concealer to coincide with the foundation. As I was getting the foundation, and Youtuber Dramatic Mac always raves about them, I thought I would give it a shot!

The packaging is really a squeeze tube, using a brush applicator at the end. I would not say this is my favourite applicator, but appears to do the job ok.

LA Girl Guru corrector, and Conceal Porcelain.

Here they’re swatched, and I hope that you can see we’re getting coverage and a very good pigmentation. I like this the corrector is a shade to the one that I use, and I think that’s helped her cope better with my eyes that are own dark under.

Jordana Perfect pressed powder beige that is organic, powder blush in Rose Silk.

We have the face products out of Jordana. Once my favourite powder along with blushes are out of companies who test on animals, so I picked up these is another brand in my fantasy list.

Jordana Perfect Pressed Powder.

The Perfect Pressed Powder (#6.00) comes from a plastic compact which also houses a decent sponge and mirror. I like that we’ve got sponge and a mirror which means I could take it.

The skin in my hands is remarkably dry at the moment, and bearing that in mind, this wax does really well just from the swatch. She feels smooth, sleek and really provides a little bit of protection, when applied to skin.

She does have a floral scent when you first open the streamlined, when the powder has been applied to skin however you can not smell it.

Rose Silk, Jordana Powder Blush.

This Jordana blush (#4.00) is right up my alley, being a masked rose colour. Nearly all of my current blush collection, apart from NYX and PS isn’t cruelty free, so that it’s great to find some funds blush.

That is a beautifully pigmented blush for your price tag, and I am really happy with her. It’s possible to see from just 1 swipe, you receive colour payoff that is amazing. Do use a hand and be careful, or you are going to wind up looking like a clown!

BH Cosmetics Cremè Luxe Lipstick in Pop Culture, ” Dose of Colors in Attitude.

Again with my lip goods, apart from NYX along with Revolution, I do not have many which are cruelty free. As lips are my faves, I certainly must remedy this!

BH Cosmetics Cremè Luxe Lipstick in Pop Culture.

This BH Cosmetics Cremè Luxe Lipstick (Number4.50) is sooo pretty! I like a pink lipstick, especially these POW colors. The packaging is easy vinyl, with a transparent section showing the product’s colour. Since you can see what you are reaching for you have them saved I really like this sort of tube.

Just look how lovely Pop Culture is, a stunning fuchsia with a hint of raspberry. The formula is creamy, rather than drying on the lips at all. I will find me picking up more from that line.

Length of Colors Classic Gloss in Attitude.

I’ll be completely honest with you, I did not even know about this business, but when I hunted in the lips segment that beauty was diminished to #7.00 from #13.00. It would be rude not to!

The tube is wider than usual vinyl that is clear. However, what I like about this gloss is the applicator, as it’s not your usual doe foot. This is a one, and I find it gives you control.

Length in Attitude Swatch of Colors Classic Gloss.

This gloss is SO pigmented, and absolutely stunning to boot up. A glowing Barbie pink, which is my absolute fave. The formula is smooth but thin, but my God magnificent. Not a sign of stickiness and she feels hydrating on lips. Marks of Colors! The only problem is, I am more of a budget lippie enthusiast, and these are generally #13.00. So I am I have a problem, do I purchase more? Perhaps just when they’re in the purchase I guess. Let me know whether you see them reduced everywhere!

I must say I was very impressed with and I would certainly recommend them for purchasing these American brands that we struggle to buy here in the united kingdom and Ireland.

So there we have it. I hope you liked the post, please let me know if you want the swatches from the haul posts or you prefer them completed. It’s fine when I just have a couple things now but when there’s more I think it appears to all be somewhat much all. What do you believe?

But that’s all from me for now folks, I’ll be back. However, for now it xx

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