Uproar as 24-year-old beauty bags top government job after sharing naked selfies

Upheaval as 24-year old girl passed leading government work after publishing bare selfies online

A-24-YEAR OLD after bagging a high government part, elegance who published naked-pictures of himself online has triggered upheaval.

The naked government minister


UNVEILED: Ukraineis deputy interior minister

After being hired interior minister for Ukraine Deyeva has acquired common critique.

The united kingdom- when she covered a number of naked-pictures of himself throughout social networking informed redhead triggered a stir.

Pictures of Deyeva incorporated her appearing nude alongside a tabby kitten and jogging bare via an area.


COMPANY SUPPORTING: Ms Deyeva hasbeen supported to achieve success

Ms Deyeva continues to be branded to youthful to consider this kind of essential monitoring and protection work in addition to her controversial past.

Concentrating on her behalf insufficient encounter, the visit was criticised by Ukraine deputy-speaker Geraschenko .

She stated: “the problem is not her naked pictures.

Naked selfie

FIRST-BUTT PROSPECT: Employers wish Ms Deyeva is a diverse kind of reverend

“She absolutely understands even the innerworkings of government or nothing about Western incorporation.”

But Deyeva has guarded her qualifications for that work, stating she’d precisely the correct encounter for that part.

She labored to get a Remedial power organization was a help to an MP and was regarded superbly competent enough to become provided an inside ministry job.

Naked selfie

OFF HER CHEST: Ms Deyeva struck back at experts

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Friday, 14th July 2016

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Internal Arsen Avakov, Deyeva is chef, can also be securely behind her.

He published on Myspace: ” against her is the fact that she is youthful, the most important thing individuals have.

” to get a beast, this type of work was Within The Soviet custom, but we have employed a woman. Perhaps therefore, only-we do things differently in my own ministry.”